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Towbar types explained

Flange type towbarFLANGE TYPE TOWBAR - this is the preferred towbar in the UK - the towball is attached directly to the flange plate on the towbar with 2 x 16mm bolts.

Pros and Cons:

SuitableThe cheapest priced towbar - we're really competitive, call 01926 512876 for details!
SuitableMassive range of towbars available for virtually any vehicle.
SuitableMost versatile (Towing trailers, caravans, bike racks, suitable for stabilisers etc).
Suitable Guaranteed for the life of the vehicle for as long as you own it.
UnsuitableFixed towball, non-removable.
Unsuitable Potential interference with parking aids e.g. reversing sensors.
Unsuitable An extended towball needed is required when using an Al-Ko stabiliser, and certain Thule cycle carriers.

Swan neck towbarSWAN NECK TYPE TOWBARS - Swan-Neck towbars (the towball is part of the neck of the towbar). The swan neck towbar can also be used with an A0-lko stabiliser without the need for modification.
SuitableMedium priced towbar.
SuitableAl-ko stabiliser compatible.
Unsuitable Slim design, less likely to trigger reversing aids.
UnsuitableBumper guard and other similar items cannot be fitted.

Detachable towbarDETACHABLE TOWBARS - Although the dearest towbar this type is becoming much more common in the UK. The main benefit is it simply un-clips when not in use. On most vehicles it's virtually unnoticeable when removed.
SuitableRemovable when not in use.
SuitableAppearance of car virtually unaffected.
SuitableReversing aids function correctly when removed.
UnsuitableCosts more.
UnsuitableRestricted range of towbars available.
UnsuitableLimited guarantee - usually 2 years).
UnsuitableCannot fit bumper plates or other items.